[Spedas-list] SPEDAS (MMS, THEMIS, ERG…) Tutorials and User/Programmer Coordination Session at mini-GEM

Jim Lewis jwl at ssl.berkeley.edu
Tue Dec 8 19:18:23 CST 2015

Dear THEMIS and SPEDAS users,

The SPEDAS community, including the MMS, THEMIS, ERG and other 
Heliophysics/Geospace teams are planning a joint software tutorial and 
users/programmers forum to be held at the mini-GEM, preceding the Fall
2015 AGU meeting in San Francisco, CA.  The session will be from 15:30 
to 17:00, Sunday, Dec 13, 2015, at the Oregon Room, Holiday Inn Golden 
Gateway, SF, CA.


This session is to introduce the multi-mission analysis software SPEDAS 
to a wider
community, coordinate SPEDAS users/programmers on how make the software more
effective, provide tutorials on the basic software functionality for 
MMS data analysis, discuss software updates to various mission plug-ins, 
and plan for
the upcoming GEM meeting. This end-of-day session will spill-over to an 
on-site session
for people with their own laptops with IDL, assuming internet connection 
is available.

The session's agenda is at: 

The MMS demo will include real time on-line data loading and use of the 
software by the community. Users can download the MMS plug-in together with
SPEDAS from http://spedas.org/downloads/spdsw_latest.zip , and the MMS 
data for
the demo from: http://spedas.org/downloads/mms_demo_data.zip , starting 
a few
days prior to the conference.

Please note MMS rules of the road at: 

SPEDAS speaker requests should be addressed to Jim Lewis: 
jwl at ssl.berkeley.edu

Best regards,

Jim Lewis/ Vassilis Angelopoulos/Eric Grimes (SPEDAS/THEMIS) and
Barbara Giles/Thomas Moore (MMS)

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