[Spedas-list] Upcoming SPEDAS 2.00 final release and new features

Jim Lewis jwl at ssl.berkeley.edu
Fri Nov 18 18:12:33 CST 2016

Hi folks,

The SPEDAS development team is currently working through the QA process
for our final release of SPEDAS 2.00, which has been in "beta testing" 
status since
this summer.   We expect to have the final release ready by the end of this

Here are a few new features (relative to SPEDAS 1.00) you might find 

1) New tplot_window routine

This command-line tool works much like tplot, but creates a "draw widget"
that supports some keyboard shortcuts:

;      'z' for zoom in by 50%;
;      'o' for zoom out by 200%;
;      'r' for reset to initial time range;
;      't' for interactive tlimit, which allows you to set
;          the plotted time range by clicking same as in a regular
;          window;
;      'b' for shift back by 25%;
;      'f' for shift forward by 25%;
;      'c' centers the plot on the cursor, without zooming
; Arrow keys work too, up zooms in, down zooms out, left shifts back,
; right shifts forwards.

The new routine is in: general/tools/tplot_tplot_window/tplot_window.pro
and has some documentation in the header comments.

There is a crib sheet available in: general/examples/crib_tplot_window.pro.

2) GUI support for neutral sheet calculations

This has been available at the command line for a while, but now
we have a GUI wrapper for this feature, which works similarly to the
magnetic modeling panels.  It's available from the Analysis drop-down

There is a "Help" button in the GUI widget, plus some command-line crib
sheets in the THEMIS and MMS project directories:


3) ISEE_3D tool

Another significant new feature is the ISEE_3D tool for visualizing
3D particle distribution functions. ISEE_3D was developed by the
Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research (ISEE), Nagoya University,
Japan.  Once a data set is ingested, it can be interactively visualized as
scatter,  volume, or isosurface plots, with overlays showing slices,
magnetic field vector, velocity vector, or user-defined vectors.

There are crib sheets showing how to use the tool with THEMIS and MMS


We hope you'll find these tools useful!   If you'd like to preview them
before the final SPEDAS 2.00 release, you can download the latest
nightly build (IDL license required) from the SPEDAS web site:



-- Jim Lewis

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