[Spedas-list] SPEDAS support for HTTPS downloads

Jim Lewis jwl at ssl.berkeley.edu
Mon Mar 6 18:40:33 CST 2017

Dear SPEDAS users,

Several of the data sources used by various SPEDAS load routines (most
notably, SPDF and NOAA) have recently begun enforcing mandatory use of
the HTTPS protocol for downloading data files.   We have been receiving an
increasing number of help requests from users who are using older versions
of SPEDAS, and are now having trouble downloading data.

The SPEDAS development team has modified the affected load routines,
to support the new requirement to download via HTTPS rather than HTTP.
For anyone who has a need to access data from one of the affected sources,
we recommend updating to a recent version of the SPEDAS nightly builds,
which can be download from http://spedas.org/downloads/spdsw_latest.zip  .

The updated SPEDAS code includes new HTTPS URLs for the default download
locations for the affected missions, but some of you may have the older
HTTP URLs stored in your local configuration settings (in the "Remote Data
Directory" field).   These can be updated via the "File->Configuration 
panel, after opening spd_gui, as follows:

GOES:  https://satdat.ngdc.noaa.gov/sem/goes/data/
POES: https://cdaweb.gsfc.nasa.gov/istp_public/data/
MAVEN_PFP:  https://lasp.colorado.edu/maven/sdc/public/data/
OMNI: https://spdf.gsfc.nasa.gov/pub/data/

Be sure to click "Save To File" after making any changes, so the
changes will remain in effect after closing the current IDL session.

If you're still having problems downloading data after updating to the 
SPEDAS build and checking your configuration settings, please let us know
by emailing Themis_Science_Support at ssl.berkeley.edu , and we'll do our best
to help.


-- Jim Lewis

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