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Software Download

SPEDAS version 1.00, including version 9 of the THEMIS Data Analysis Software (TDAS) and updates to several other plugins, was released on Aug 29, 2014.

SPEDAS can be downloaded from here:

(Below, we are going to use the name SPEDAS, but all the instructions also apply to TDAS as well.)

Installation of SPEDAS

There are three different types of SPEDAS distributions:

1. Executable file.

This is a zip file that has to be unzipped. The user has to run the spedas executable only. No other installation is needed. This distribution also includes the Geopack dlm.

We provide executable files for 64-bit operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux.

2. Source code.

This is a zip file that contains all the source code. The user has to install and licence IDL from Exelis. Then the user can load SPEDAS as a new IDL project.

Here is licensing options information from Exelis:

3. Save file.

This is a zip file that contains an IDL save file (spd_gui.sav) and a few other required files. The user has to install and register IDL from Exelis. IDL contains the IDL Virtual Machine (VM) which is free and does not require a full license. Then the user he can start the SPEDAS GUI by loading spd_gui.sav as described here:

Installation of Geopack dlm

If you want to install or upgrade Geopack, you have to follow these instructions:

Installation options

To access the full set of GUI plus command line tools, the user has to have IDL ( installed.

For users without IDL licenses, it is still possible to run SPEDAS, but only the functions exposed through the GUI are available.

Using SPEDAS without an IDL license

For users without an IDL development license, we have compiled SPEDAS in a form that can be run within the IDL virtual machine. In this environment, the IDL command line is not available; everything must be done through the SPEDAS Graphical User Interface (GUI).

The IDL VM software itself can be obtained from the Exelis web site, You will need to register on that site in order to obtain access to their IDL download area. It may be necessary to download the full version of IDL, which includes the IDL virtual machine program. If older versions of IDL are available for download, we recommend IDL 7.06 as the best environment for running SPEDAS. However, the latest version (8.2.2 at this writing) should also work, although some users will need to adjust layouts and font sizes to obtain publication-quality plots.

Once you have the IDL VM software downloaded and installed, you will need to download the IDL-VM version of SPEDAS from the Downloads area of the SPEDAS web site. It is distributed as a zip file, which will need to be unpacked.

To run SPEDAS in the IDL virtual machine,

  1. start the IDL virtual machine executable
  2. click through the splash screen to get to the file selection dialog
  3. navigate to the SPEDAS installation
  4. go into the thm_gui_new directory and click on thm_gui.sav

This should bring up the main screen of the SPEDAS GUI. From this point you should be able to load, plot, and analyze data through the GUI, as documented in the Users Guide.

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