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There are a few known issues with IDL widgets and macOS/OSX, running the latest XQuartz (2.7.11), including:

Segmentation fault while running code that involves widgets (SPEDAS GUI, EVA, etc.)

Warning: Fatal Error:

_XmGetDefaultDisplay cannot be used prior to VendorS.Initialize, returns NULL

Segmentation fault: 11

IDL may close abruptly and without warning when running code that involves widgets


Both of these issues can be fixed at the command line with the following:

1. change to the X11 library directory:

 cd /opt/X11/lib

2. backup the libXt library file found in this directory:

 sudo cp libXt.6.dylib libXt.6.dylib.bak

3. change to the “flat_namespace” directory:

 cd flat_namespace/

4. copy the copy of libXt from this directory up one directory:

 sudo cp libXt.6.dylib ../.

On macOS Sierra you may get the following error:

Error: attempt to add non-widget child "dsm" to parent "idl" which supports only widgets

To fix this, you have to run the following two commands:

 sudo mv /opt/X11/lib/libXt.6.dylib{,.bak}
 sudo cp /opt/X11/lib{/flat_namespace,}/libXt.6.dylib

See also:

No annotations/legend text showing in GUI

IDL config issue

This issue is due to corrupt IDL configuration files; to fix, delete the .idl folder in your IDL working directory