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There are a few known issues with IDL widgets and macOS/OSX, running the latest XQuartz (2.7.11), including:

Segmentation fault while running code that involves widgets (SPEDAS GUI, EVA, etc.)

Warning: Fatal Error:

_XmGetDefaultDisplay cannot be used prior to VendorS.Initialize, returns NULL

Segmentation fault: 11

See solution to the problem below.

IDL may close abruptly and without warning when running code that involves widgets


Both of these issues can be fixed at the command line with the following:

1. change to the X11 library directory:

 cd /opt/X11/lib

2. backup the libXt library file found in this directory:

 sudo cp libXt.6.dylib libXt.6.dylib.bak

3. change to the “flat_namespace” directory:

 cd flat_namespace/

4. copy the copy of libXt from this directory up one directory:

 sudo cp libXt.6.dylib ../.

On macOS Sierra you may get the following error:

Error: attempt to add non-widget child "dsm" to parent "idl" which supports only widgets

To fix this, you have to run the following two commands:

 sudo mv /opt/X11/lib/libXt.6.dylib{,.bak}
 sudo cp /opt/X11/lib{/flat_namespace,}/libXt.6.dylib

See also:

No annotations/legend text showing in GUI

IDL config issue

This issue is due to corrupt IDL configuration files; to fix, delete the .idl folder in your IDL working directory

IDL freezes after compiling loadct2 with IDL 8.5.1 on macOS 10.14 + Anaconda

A conflict was found between IDL and Anaconda ( on the latest macOS. If a load routine call seems to freeze after compiling loadct2 and you're running both Anaconda and macOS 10.14, a simple fix is to remove and reinstall Anaconda.