MMS Fluxgate Magnetometer

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FGM Data quicklook plot in SPEDAS

SPEDAS provides command line and GUI access to the MMS FGM data.

For more information on the FGM instrument, see the Data Products Guide: (FGM Data Products Guide 2016Apr20)

FGM Data

For more complete examples, see the FGM crib sheets located in the /projects/mms/examples/ folder.


Magnetometer Data

To load and plot MMS FGM data on February 15, 2016:

MMS> mms_load_fgm, trange=['2016-02-15', '2016-02-16'], probe=1

MMS> tplot, 'mms1_fgm_b_gsm_srvy_l2_bvec'

Burst Data

To load and plot MMS Burst FGM data on October 15, 2015:

MMS> mms_load_fgm, trange=['2015-10-15', '2015-10-16'], probe=1, data_rate='brst', level='l2'

MMS> tplot, 'mms1_fgm_b_gse_brst_l2_bvec'

MMS> tlimit, ['2015-10-15/6:45', '2015-10-15/7:20']