MMS Search Coil Magnetometer

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SCM data in SPEDAS

SPEDAS provides command line and GUI access to the MMS search-coil magnetometer (SCM) data, as well as several tools for analyzing SCM data.

The SCM Data Products Guide can be found at: (Science Data Products Guide vol2 SCM v11 20160301)

SCM Data

For more complete examples, see the SCM crib sheets located in the /mms/examples/ folder.


Srvy mode data

To load and plot the MMS4 SCM data on October 16, 2016:

MMS> mms_load_scm, datatype='scsrvy', trange=['2015-10-16', '2015-10-17'], probe=4

MMS> tplot, 'mms4_scm_acb_gse_scsrvy_srvy_l2'

Burst mode data

To load and plot the burst mode data on October 16, 2015:

MMS> mms_load_scm, data_rate='brst', trange=['2015-10-16/13:00', '2015-10-16/13:10'], probe=4

MMS> tplot, 'mms4_scm_acb_gse_scb_brst_l2'