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Welcome to pySPEDAS

pySPEDAS is the SPEDAS software in the python programming language. It is currently in development and it does not contain as many functions as the IDL SPEDAS software.

Examples and tutorials can be found in the companion projects:

pySPEDAS releases

Install pySPEDAS

An easy way to install pyspedas is to install the latest Anaconda distribution:

Then, open the anaconda prompt and type:

conda install -c spedas pyspedas

This will install all required files. To test the installation, you can open a command prompt, type 'python' to start the python interpreter and then type:

import pyspedas

The installed version of pyspedas should be printed.

You can also install pyspedas using pip:

pip install pyspedas


There are two projects that contain examples of using pyspedas:

These can be installed using pip:

pip install pyspedas_examples

Comparison of pySPEDAS to SPEDAS

Some examples that demonstrate how to achieve the same results using either IDL SPEDAS or python pySPEDAS.