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This page describes SPEDAS cribs. See crib sheets for an index of all our crib sheet pages. These cribs are located in ssl_general/examples (TODO final SPEDAS location)


  • crib_tplot.pro -- basic tplot intro
  • crib_tplot_annotation.pro -- How to control annotations in tplot (labels, text, etc...)
  • crib_tplot_export_print.pro -- How to export tplot data and tplot plots
  • crib_tplot_layout.pro -- How to control tplot plot layouts
  • crib_tplot_range.pro -- How to control the range and scaling of tplot plots
  • crib_tplot_ticks.pro -- How to control tplot plot ticks. (location, size, etc...)

Other Cribs

  • time_correlate_crib.pro -- How to use the ssl_correlate_tplot tools. (A sliding time window cross-correlation tool)
  • crib_calc.pro -- How to use the mini language to easily manipulate tplot variable without needing unpack with get_data/store_data.pro
  • crib_dproc.pro -- How to use various data processing operations in SPEDAS
  • crib_plotxyvec.pro -- How to overlay arrows/vectors on spatial data plots using plotxyvec
  • crib_plotxy.pro -- How to plot 2d projections of 3d spatial data using plotxy
  • crib_plotxyz.pro -- How to plot spectral projections of 3d spatial data using plotxyz
  • crib_tplotxy.pro -- How to plot 2d projections of 3d spatial data using tplotxy
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