SPEDAS 3.2 now available

The SPEDAS development team is pleased to announce the release of SPEDAS 3.2!

SPEDAS 3.2 includes numerous updates and enhancements to the command-line tplot plotting and analysis tools, as well as the Graphical User Interface (GUI). The CDF support code has been updated with improved functionality and performance under different IDL releases and CDF library versions. The SPEDAS tools for interacting with the CDAWeb archive, HAPI servers, and Autoplot have also been improved. This release also includes the latest available versions of the MMS, ERG (Arase), IUGONET, and Akebono plugins from their respective developers, along with incremental updates to the support for THEMIS, GOES, WIND, and other missions.

SPEDAS 3.2 also includes command-line tools (under the projects/SPP directory) for working with Parker Solar Probe data, which has recently been publicly released

For a more detailed list of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes since SPEDAS 3.1, please see the release notes, at http://spedas.org/downloads/SPEDAS_3_2_release_notes.pdf

As usual, SPEDAS 3.2 is available as a source code zip file (suitable for users with full IDL licenses). For users without IDL licenses, we have also released the SPEDAS 3.2 “virtual machine” executables for Linux, Mac, and Windows. SPEDAS 3.2 downloads, installation instructions, and platform-specific installation notes are available via the SPEDAS wiki Downloads and Installation page .

Please email questions, bug reports, help requests, and enhancement suggestions to SPEDAS_Science_Support@ssl.berkeley.edu

The SPEDAS software development has been supported by NASA contracts NAS5-02099 (THEMIS mission), NNG17PZ01C  (SPEDAS general development), and NNG04EB99C (MMS sub-contract).  We would also like to thank the many software developers and SPEDAS users who have supported the development effort by contributing code, reporting problems, and suggesting enhancements.