SPEDAS version 2.00 final release now available

The SPEDAS development team is pleased to announce the final release of SPEDAS version 2.00!

New features and capabilities for this release include:

  • Support for HTTPS downloads (now required by several data sources)
  • A new load routine, hapi_load_data, to support downloading data via the new Heliophysics API. A crib sheet is available in general/examples/crib_hapi.pro.
  • ISEE 3D particle data visualization tool, with support for displaying THEMIS, MMS, and GEOTAIL data. A crib sheet is available in projects/themis/examples/advanced/thm_crib_isee3d.pro.
  • Updated IGRF coefficients through 2015
  • Numerous bug fixes and efficiency improvements

Updated plugins:

  • MMS (curlometer code, ISEE 3d plots, angle-angle plots)
  • THEMIS (combined electron and ion moments, improved SST calibrations, improved spacecraft potential estimates, support for additional GMAG networks and sites, support for ESA low energy mode)
  • ERG/IUGONET (updated load routines for better HTTP and future HTTPS support)

The SPEDAS 2.00 IDL source code release can be downloaded from the spedas.org web site:

The IDL source code release requires an IDL license.  In a few weeks, we expect to release a set of SPEDAS 2.00 executable files, which use the IDL Virtual Machine to allow access to the SPEDAS Graphical User Interface, with no IDL license required.  That release is pending, while we work through the process of renewing our IDL “Right to Distribute” agreement which is required for us to build the executable files. In the meantime, users without IDL licenses can download executables based on a SPEDAS 2.00 beta release from January 2017.  Please visit the spedas.org Downloads and Installation link mentioned above for download and installation instructions.

We are grateful to NASA Headquarters for their support of the SPEDAS development effort.