Magnetospheric Multiscale

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MMS Plot

SPEDAS includes command line utilities and GUI plugins for loading and analyzing Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission data. All MMS related routines can be found in:


Crib sheets showing example usage of command line routines can be found in:


Loading Data

  • MMS Crib Sheets - A collection of scripts demonstrating usage of MMS command line routines. These range from basic loading and plotting to derived products and compound plots.
  • SPEDAS GUI - Data can be loaded into the SPEDAS GUI via the MMS tab.


Hot Plasma

Energetic Particles


Data Products & Availability

Data Availability

To find data availability, see: MMS Data Availability Status


To see a list of MMS conjunctions with RBSP and THEMIS: MMS Conjunctions

Derived Products

Some data products such as moments and spectrograms can be produced in real time from all-sky data maps.

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